The goal of Region 151 under the AYSO organization is to encourage the growth of soccer and promote positive child development. Although everyone engaged in sporting competitions should have a desire to win, this desire should never be pursued to the exclusion of good sportsmanship, fair play, and participation.

AYSO Playground Soccer coming in Spring 2018!


AYSO Playground is a unique program designed to develop children by focusing on improving a child’s Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) in a fun, parent participatory atmosphere utilizing age appropriate activities and storybook adventures. It is a 7-week Soccer based skills Development Program for players who are age 3 (before the first session) who would like to have fun in a soccer environment. There are no games played as this is a skills development program.

This program was designed by child development and soccer experts to give your child a foundation for sports success. Your player will hop, skip, jump, run, throw, balance, kick… and play. See more details at aysoplaygroundsoccer.org.

AYSO Adult Soccer Coming soon!


AYSO Adult Soccer encourages everyone, no matter their age, number or players on a team or skill level, to get out and play. We may have to get a little creative with how we play—whether it’s a game of 3v3, 6v6, or pick up soccer but the intention is to get everyone out and having a good time on the field within our community. See more details at adultsoccer.org

Volunteers Needed


AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. Region 151 needs the involvement of parents or other adults as volunteers. It takes approximately 300 volunteers to run our region soccer program each year. We are currently in need of several volunteers to help run a successful program. It’s the volunteers who provide the help and support to the players---your children.

Volunteer Positions can be tailored to fit your time availability and expertise!! The following are some of the areas we need help in:

  • Coach/Assistant Coach
  • Net Coordinator and Weekly Net Set up and take down
  • Referee Instructors
  • Referee/Assistant Referee
  • and many other opportunities and positions

All Volunteers including coaches, referees and board members are required to fill out a yearly volunteer online at www.eayso.org

Registration Age Groups

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Division Age as of 12/31/17 Eligible Birth year
5U 4 2013
6U 5 2012
7U 6 2011
8U 7 2010
10U 8-9 2008, 2009
12U 10-11 2006, 2007
14U CoEd 12-13 2004, 2005
16U/18U Coed 14-17 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003*
* For 2017 only we will allow players born from 8/1/1999 through 12/31/1999 to play in this division

Age Rule Differences

  U5/U6 U7/U8 U10 U12 U14 U16/19 Co-Ed
Players on field 4 4 7 9 11 11
Goalkeeper on field No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
OffSide No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build Out Line No No Yes Yes No No
Goalkeeper Punting N/A N/A No No Yes Yes
Heading the Ball No No No No Yes Yes
Size of Ball 3 3 4 4 5 5
Quarter Time 5 min 10 min 12.5 min 15 min 17.5 min NA
Game Time 20 min 40 min 50 min 60 min 70 min 90 min

Safe Haven Training


Safe haven is a program to protect the children and volunteers in AYSO. This is in reference to the Child Abuse, Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 and the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997. AYSO was the first youth sports organization to create a formal program to comply with the Child Protection Act and Volunteer Protection Act.



Board Members

  • Commissioner
         Grant Schmidt   --   801-866-4319
  • Assistant Commissioner
         Julie Dickamore   --   801-621-1686
  • Coach Administrator
         Mark Hupp   --   801-540-3903
  • Referee Administrator
         Michael King   --   801-710-3967
  • Treasurer
         Mindy Pitcher   --   None
  • Volunteer Protection Advocate
      --   OPEN
  • Safety Director/Net Coordinator
        Becky Birchum   --   801-791-1691
  • Registrar
         KaDe King   --   801-710-3981
  • Secretary
      --   OPEN

Other Members

  • Game Scheduler
         Wendy Anderson   --   801-479-7252
  • Regional Auditor
      --   OPEN
  • Web Master
         Andee Felker   --   NA
  • Practice Field Coordinator
         KaDe King   --   801-710-3981
  • Public Relations/Social Media
         Morgan Wilkins   --   NA